Adult Small Group Studies

Jesus Christ calls His followers to an ever deepening knowledge and love of Him as well as growth in communion with one another in His Church.  The Cathedral Parish offers a variety of Adult Small Group Studies to facilitate these two key aims of Christian discipleship. These small groups meet for a time of prayer, study of the Catholic faith, and discussion.  Our hope is that as adults of our parish meet regularly with one another to pray, study, and discuss God's Word, they will come to know, love, and follow Jesus more closely as Catholics as well as form deepening friendships with others in the parish community.

Lord, Teach Me to Pray:  Praying the Christian Virtues


Men's Group - Thursdays:  Beginning June 1st

Women's Group - Wednesdays:  Beginning June 7th

Time & Location for both groups:

7:00 - 9:00 pm

St. Patrick Church

404 E. Main St

Lord, Teach Me To Pray is a three-part Ignatian prayer series developed to meet the desire for on-going spiritual growth; for an appropriate response to the call to holiness; and for a deeper commitment to Jesus Christ as Lord. In facilitated faith-sharing prayer communities, the Lord himself teaches us to pray.

Part 1, Praying Christian Virtues will introduce you to the meditative and contemplative way of prayer devised by St. Ignatius of Loyola, enabling you to further develop your prayer life. This 12 week program is facilitated in a group setting, meets for 2 hours once a week, and requires fifteen minutes of daily prayer on assigned scriptures.

Women, please contact Kathryn Curio at or 608-274-7887 to register.

Men, please contact Deacon Ray Lukesic at or 257-5000 to register.

You may also contact Marc Laudonio, Director of Evangelization, at 257-5000 or with any questions.   


Summer Bible Study:  Letter to the Hebrews


Sundays:  Beginning June 4th

2:30 - 4:30 pm

Holy Redeemer Library

120 W. Johnson St

The Letter to the Hebrews emphatically proposes that Jesus is the true King of Creation and God's People, as well as claiming He is the true High Priest that has made the ultimate sacrifice to reunite humanity with God.  If Jesus is the true King of the universe and Priest who reunites us all with God, what does that mean for me?  How should I respond to Him?  What does it look like for me to live in the merciful reign of Jesus' priestly Kingdom?  Come explore these questions and more at our summer Bible study!
We will be using the Ignatius Catholic Study Bible New Testament book, which you can purchase at the first study. There are also copies available to borrow. We will conclude each session with Evening Prayer at 4pm. 
Please contact one of the group leaders (Elizabeth Durack,; Anne Rookey,, for more information or to register!  

You may also contact Marc Laudonio, Director of Evangelization, at 257-5000 or with any questions.