About Us


We are the Cathedral Parish of the Catholic Diocese of Madison, Wisconsin, under the patronage of St. Raphael.

The emphasis is on Parish, because we are "between cathedrals" at the moment.  Old St. Raphael Cathedral was destroyed by arson in 2005.  In 2008, three historic parishes clustered closely around the Capitol Square in downtown Madison − St. Raphael, Holy Redeemer and St. Patrick − were formally merged into a new parish.

We currently use both of our existing churches − Holy Redeemer and St. Patrick − fully, with the parish offices at St. Patrick and the parish rectory at Holy Redeemer.  A new cathedral will be built on he site of old St. Raphael; in the meantime an outdoor Way of the Cross maintains the sacred character of that site.

The Cathedral Parish is the Catholic community in downtown Madison.  Our parish has a particular mission to build up the Kingdom of God within several local communities:

1. By virtue of our parish territory, there is a mission to all those living on the isthmus in downtown Madison and in the village of Maple Bluff;

2. The Cathedral Parish is the home of people who have had an affiliation with one of the three historic parishes of the isthmus: St. Rapahel, Holy Redeemer or St. Patrick;

3. With Bishop Morlino celebrating Mass at St. Patrick and Holy Redeemer being the most traditionally decorated church in the city, our parish attracts Catholics who enthusiastically embrace the fullness of the Faith;

4. Holy Redeemer Church is one of the few churches in the city of Madison where Mass is celebrated in Spanish for Hispanic Catholics; and

5. The Cathedral Parish makes a special effort to reach out to the young adults who live, work, or recreate in downtown Madison.

We hope you will use this website to learn more about the current life of our parish, as well as our rich history.