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by Msgr. Kevin Holmes
on Sunday 9/29/2019

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Welcome to Media Archive of the Cathedral Parish. Many Catholic talks and events in downtown Madison are being recorded and put on this website. You can browse and search recent talks below, or subscribe to future recordings via RSS or Podcast.

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Sunday 9/29/2019
Audio Calvin and Lazarus by Msgr. Kevin Holmes
Msgr. Holmes compares the Calivinist doctrine of predestinationism to the attitude of the Pharisees in the time of Jesus. Wealth in this world does not reflect our destin...
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Sunday 10/28/2018
Audio Salvation and the Last Things by Msgr. Kevin Holmes
Msgr. Kevin Holmes reflects on the readings, the end of the church year, and the last things.
Categories Homilies
Sunday 10/1/2017
Audio Fairness and Mercy by Msgr. Kevin Holmes
Msgr. Holmes points out that we should never say "God is not being fair with me." God is far, far more than fair to us. We are blessed with the generous mercy of God, and...
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Sunday 12/18/2016
Audio Faith is Obedience by Bishop Robert Morlino
Bishop Morlino uses the Gospel reading to point out how St. Joseph and Mary were both obedient to the Holy Spirit - they had the obedience of faith. God is with us (Emman...
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Sunday 4/24/2016
Audio Heaven is a Communion by Msgr. Kevin Holmes
Msgr. Holmes uses the second reading's vision of heaven as a city to contrast the communion of the Church with the individualism of contemporary American culture.
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Thursday 3/24/2016
Audio Holy Thursday by Bishop Robert Morlino
On Holy Thursday, Bishop Morlino reflects on the Eucharist and on priesthood. The Eucharist makes present the sacrifice of Christ on the Cross - not the merely a remembr...
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Sunday 1/3/2016
Audio Jesus Christ, the Face of Mercy by Bishop Robert Morlino
Bishop Morlino reflects on the Gospel reading about King Herod and the Magi through the lens of Mercy. Mercilessness, jealousy, and lies are abundant in our world - but l...
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Sunday 11/8/2015
Audio A Widow's Offering by Msgr. Kevin Holmes
Mgsr. Holmes draws on the first reading and the gospel, reflecting how in both instances a widow is asked to give all the she has for the Lord. He then invites all of us ...
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Sunday 10/18/2015
Audio Grace in Suffering by Msgr. Kevin Holmes
After the recent visit of the relics of St. Maria Goretti to Madison, Msgr. Holmes connects the theme of suffering from the readings to this young Italian saint's sufferi...
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Sunday 2/22/2015
Audio Into the Desert by Bishop Robert Morlino
Bishop Morlino points out that, like Jesus, when we are driven out into the desert, we choose between gratitude for the gifts we have but take for granted, or greed for t...
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Sunday 2/23/2014
Audio Correcting with Love by Bishop Robert Morlino
Bishop Morlino talks about why we should correct others, and how to do so with love.
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Thursday 1/16/2014
Audio Who Is the Human Person? by Ron Garcia
Ron Garcia, Director of Religious Education at St. Patrick's in Cotage Grove, talks about theology and how we can become holy.
Categories Cathedral 20s & 30s
Sunday 9/22/2013
Audio The Parable of the Unjust Steward by Msgr. Kevin Holmes
Msgr. Holmes explains an allegorical meaning of the parable of the unjust steward.
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Sunday 9/15/2013
Audio The Golden Calf Problem by Msgr. Kevin Holmes
Reflecting on the first reading, where the Israelites create and worship the Golden Calf, Msgr. Holmes compares that incident to the descision of leaders of Catholic Univ...
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Saturday 3/23/2013
Audio Lumen Gentium: The People of God by Msgr. Kevin Holmes
The second of four lectures from the Seat of Wisdom Institute on the Constitutions of the Second Vatican Council, this presentation features an in-depth analysis of Lu...
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Sunday 2/17/2013
Audio Introduction to the Parish Mission by Fr. Bob Lombardo
Fr. Bob Lombardo, who will lead the Parish Mission, introduces himself and encourages attendance at the mission.
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Sunday 12/9/2012
Audio Look to the East by Bishop Robert Morlino
Bishop Morlino reflects on the experience of waiting for Christ. Advent is a time for waiting, to look to the East by turning toward the Lord in the liturgy.
Categories Homilies
Sunday 12/2/2012
Audio First Sunday of Advent by Msgr. Kevin Holmes
Msgr. Holmes speaks to participants in the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA) process about salvation history and waiting for Christ.
Categories Homilies
Sunday 10/14/2012
Audio Revelation and Faith by Msgr. Kevin Holmes
The first in his Year of Faith homily series on the documents of the second Vatican Council, Msgr. Holmes begins with a discussion of the first chapter of Dei Verbum, th...
Categories Homilies
Sunday 10/7/2012
Audio Marriage and the New Evangelization by Msgr. Kevin Holmes
Reflections about the New Evangelization for the upcoming Year of Faith, the wisdom of defining marriage as between one man and one woman, and the relationship between ma...
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