Marriage Links

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Diocese of Madison Family Planning Homepage
Register for Natural Family Planning classes offered by the Diocese and find valuable resources on Marriage, Sexuality, and Family.
Diocese of Madison Marriage Preparation Homepage
Register for the Diocesan Marriage Prep Days, view a brief outline of Marriage Prep in the Diocese of Madison, and read a little about what you are entering into when you decide to get married in the Catholic Church.
Catholicism 101 at the Cathedral Parish
Getting married at the Cathedral Parish? We invite you to join us for a 3-week class which covers the essentials of who Jesus is and why He came to earth, what the Catholic Church is, and how to understand your marriage in light of the Gospel.

Christian Sexuality & Marriage Resources
For Your Marriage
A website created by the U.S. Bishops offering a host of resources on the beauty and sacredness of marriage in the Church and practical ways to live happily ever after.