Lenten Mission 2014 | Mision de Cuaresma 2014


For the last several years, we have had a Lenten Mission for English-speaking parishioners and a Saturday retreat in Spanish. This year we would like to unify our Lenten experience by having a Parish Mission that is held simultaneously in English (at St Patrick) and in Spanish (at Holy Redeemer).

Offering our meditations this year will be consecrated women belonging to the Apostles of the Interior Life.  The community was formed at the initiative of a young Italian seminarian, later ordained a priest, who saw the need to re-evangelize young people both in his native Italy and here in the United States.  The first young women began to attach themselves to this movement in the 1970’s.  They were formed into a Private Association of the Faithful, recognized in the Diocese of Rome, in 1980.  A male community has since been added; and now also a secular branch – the “Collaborators of Your Joy.”

Several Sisters of the Apostles of the Interior Life worked at St. Paul’s University Catholic Center a few years ago.  Msgr Holmes had some acquaintance with those Sisters, and was always very impressed by their fidelity, their wisdom and their joy.

Our Parish Mission will be held the week prior to Holy Week.  We will follow the usual format for a Mission.  The Sisters will:

  • be present at the Sunday Masses on April 5th-6th and introduce themselves at the end of each Mass
  • speak to the Confirmation candidates and the parents during Religious Education time on Sunday morning
  • join us for brunch after both the 11:00 Masses
  • offer the main Mission meditations will be offered on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evening of that week – in English at St. Patrick and in Spanish at Holy Redeemer
  • offer a shorter meditation after the 12:10 Mass on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday
  • offer spiritual direction appointments (see below)

Spiritual Direction Available: One special element of the Mission this year - on the weekdays of the Mission, the Sisters will be available to meet individually with parishioners for a session of Spiritual Direction.  Those who would be interested in such a meeting can reserve a spot now by contacting Nicole at nicole@isthmuscatholic.org or 257-5000.

Individual Confessions: Also, as usual at the Parish Mission, we will have multiple priests on hand to hear confessions on the last night of the Mission – again in English at St. Patrick and in Spanish at Holy Redeemer.  So please plan on taking advantage of the opportunity for confession before Easter!

Childcare: We also hope to provide childcare, but for this to become a reality, we need volunteers! If you are interested in volunteering or in signing a child up for care, please contact Nicole at nicole@isthmuscatholic.org or 257-5000.

(More information on the Apostles of the Interior Life)

Misión de Cuaresma 2014


En los últimos años, hemos tenido para los feligreses una Misión de Cuaresma en inglés y un sábado de retiro en español. Este año nos agradaría unificar nuestra experiencia de Cuaresma teniendo una Misión Parroquial que se llevara a cabo simultáneamente en español en Holy Redeemer y en inglés en St. Patrick.
Este año ofrecerán las meditaciones hermanas consagradas que pertenecen a “Apóstoles de la Vida Interior” (Apostles of the Interior Life). La comunidad fue formada por la iniciativa de un joven seminarista italiano, quien después se ordenó de sacerdote, que vio la necesidad de re-evangelizar a la gente joven tanto en su Italia natal y en los Estados Unidos. Las primeras jóvenes comenzaron a unirse a este movimiento en los años 70. Ellas fueron for- madas en una Asociación Privada de los Fieles, reconocida in la Diócesis de Roma en 1980. Una comunidad masculina ha sido agregada desde entonces; y ahora también una sede secular: “Los Colaboradores de Su Gozo” (Collaborators of Your Joy).

Varias Hermanas de los Apóstoles de la Vida Interior trabajaron en el Centro Universitario Católico St. Paul hace algunos años. Yo tenia algún conocimiento de esas Hermanas, y siempre estuve impresionado por su fidelidad, sabiduría y gozo.
Nuestra Misión Parroquial se llevará a cabo la semana anterior a la Semana Santa. Seguiremos el formato usual de la Misión. Las Hermanas estarán presentes en las Misas del fin de semana del 5-6 de abril, y hablarán después de cada Misa. Hablarán a los candidatos para la Confirmación y a sus padres durante la clase de Educación Religiosa el domingo en la mañana. También estarán con nosotros en un compartir que tendremos el domingo 6 después de la Misa de las 11:00 am. La meditaciones principales de la Misión serán ofrecidas el lunes, martes y miércoles en la noche, de 7:00 a 8:30 pm, en español en Holy Redeemer.

Un elemento especial de la Misión este año: durante los días de la Misión, las Hermanas estarán disponibles para reunirse individualmente con los feligreses para una sesión de Dirección Espiritual. Quienes estén interesados, pueden reservar una sesión llamando María Culligan a la oficina de la parroquia al 257-5000, de martes a viernes de 8:30 am a 12:00 m y de 1:00 a 2:00 pm.

También, como es usual en la Misión Parroquial, tendremos varios sacerdotes disponibles para escuchar confesión en la ultima noche de la Misión - en español en Holy Redeemer. ¡Por favor planee tomar ventaja de esta oportunidad para confesión antes de Pascua!

What is a Parish Mission?

A Parish Mission might be described as "a retreat that comes to you."  To make a retreat, one must leave home and daily routine in order to give some days to silence, prayer and reflection in order to experience a renewal and growth in faith.  Most people are not able to that very easily.  A Parish Mission is an opportunity for renewal and growth in our faith that is available at the local parish and can be fit into the demands of daily life.

Part of the attraction of a Parish Mission is that it is preached by someone coming into the parish for that purpose.  Not only is the preacher a "new voice," but it is someone who has a particularly deep knowledge and experience of the spiritual life.

The classic format of a Parish Mission begins with the weekend Masses, where the preacher introduces the Mission and invites everyone to attend.  The most important part of the Mission are major talks or conferences given each evening during the following week.  Sometimes there is also something offered during the day, for those unable to attend in the evening.  The chance to make a good confession is always part of a Parish Mission, as it is meant to be a time of spiritual renewal.

The Cathedral Parish offers Parish Missions during Lent, a powerful time within the calendar of the Church for spiritual renewal.

Upcoming 2014 Lenten Mission

The Apostles of the Interior Life

Mark your calendars for Monday April 7th - Wednesday April 9th, 2014 when the Apostles of the Interior Life will preach our Lenten Mission. The Apostles of the Interior Life have a history in Madison, ministering to college students through St. Pauls University Center on the UW Madison campus. The community was founded in Rome, Italy in 1990 by Father Salvatore Scorza, a priest of the Diocese of Rome. Its members are consecrated women who are dedicated full-time to spiritual direction and evangelization. They provide powerful parish missions which have been known to inspire deepening conversions of whole parishes as they focus on holiness, prayer, conversion and the Eucharist.

Past Lenten Missions

2013: Fr. Bob Lombardo, C.F.R
          The Treasures of Our Catholic Faith

Fr. Bob Lombardo spoke about finding joy and peace, discovering how the Catholic Faith can lead us to live life more fully alive.  Fr. Bob is one of the founding members of the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal. He offers various retreats to parishes and youth groups. At the time of our mission, he was assigned to the Mission of Our Lady of the Angels on Chicago's West Side, working with the poor and evangelization.

2012: Fr. John Meoska, OSB

In 2012, Fr. John Meoska, OSB preached during the first week of Lent.  Originally ordained as a priest of the Diocese of Madison, Fr. Meoska then entered contemplative life, having spent twenty-five years in this lifestyle before preaching this mission.