All Catholics share in the mission that the Lord gave to the Church:  to proclaim the Gospel and to make Him present in the world.  We do this in many ways – in our homes, places of work, and civic life.

Our goal at the Cathedral Parish is to express a strong sense of this mission in our common parish life, as well as assisting this mission at the diocesan level.  We have been given a job to do – to make the Lord known, and to make Him present in our place and time.

Our hope is that all the members of the Cathedral Parish will see their participation in parish life as their way of helping to fulfill this mission.

All parishioners are asked to support the Cathedral Parish financially, according to their means, so that the work done here to help more people know, love and serve the true God can continue.  More broadly, parishioners are invited to support the efforts of the Church at the diocesan level.

Each parishioner should also prayerfully consider what he or she can do to participate directly in some of the many aspects of parish life described in these pages.


Annual Catholic Appeal

The diocesan annual appeal is a highly organized effort, held each Spring, to communicate the work of a diocese to its parishioners and to solicit their support through direct mail and in-pew solicitation of pledges.  Members of all parish communities throughout the Diocese of Madison are asked to give to this appeal. The goal is to allow people to grow in their faith and understanding of what Universal Church means to each of us as a Catholic family. Visit the Diocesan website to learn more.