Amber Cerrato


Amber Cerrato was born into the Lutheran faith in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, and from a young age felt God's presence in her life.  During a study abroad program her sophomore year of college, Amber fell away from her faith life, but was quickly returned under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.  After a long and difficult road, Amber found peace in the Eucharist and came into full communion with the Church on Holy Saturday, her 23rd birthday.

Upon entry to the Catholic Church, Amber volunteered for three months at Asociación Juan Pablo Magno, a La Crosse diocesan mission, in Lima, Peru.  Feeling God's call, Amber returned to the mission a few months later as Program Director.  Amber remained in Peru for just under 10 years when she returned to the United States to co-found Cornerstone Alliance Navigators (CAN), a nonprofit that strives to advocate for the rights of the Fatherless by promoting best practices, information sharing and investment in superior long-term outcomes in orphan care.

While continuing her responsibilities with CAN, Amber joined the mission and vision of the Cathedral Parish in her role as Director of Religious Education in Spring 2011.  Reflecting on her life, God has placed Amber in positions of pioneering programs centered on children's education and family.

Amber holds a B.A. in Spanish and French and a Master's of Management degree, with concentrations in Communications and Organizational Development.  Outside of work, Amber enjoys spending time with her husband, Alfredo, family and friends, as well as camping, dinner parties, foreign films and traveling.