Resources for Prayer

  • Msgr. Holmes' bulletin letter featuring a 7-step process for 10-minute daily prayer.
  • Msgr. Holmes' bulletin letter featuring a sample of how to meditate on a Scripture passage in prayer.
  • Msgr. Holmes' homily featuring a sample of how to meditate on a Scripture passage in prayer.

Resources for Study

  • Msgr. Holmes' bulletin letter featuring some suggestions for study material to grow in knowledge of the 'Big Picture' of Jesus Christ and the Catholic faith.

Resources for Generosity

  • Msgr. Holmes' bulletin letter featuring reflections on the link between generosity and happiness and how we can grow in the virtue of generosity.
  • Msgr. Holmes' bulletin letter on how our generosity is vital to a flourishing parish community. 

The New Evangelization at the Cathedral Parish: A Community of Disciples on Mission

What is so new about the New Evangelization? The truth of God's saving love in Jesus Christ is still the central message the Church proclaims today, just as it has for over 2,000 years. So if the message is the same, what is so new? When Blessed John Paul II first began encouraging a New Evangelization, he recognized that there is a new situation in our world - there are many people who have been exposed to Christianity, perhaps even baptized into the Catholic Church, but who no longer believe the Gospel or live as a disciple of Jesus Christ. Traditionally, evangelization has been directed at people who have never heard the Gospel before; part of what makes the New Evangelization so new is that its aim is to re-propose the Gospel of Christ to people and cultures who have once known the Christian faith but for one reason or another have drifted away from a life of authentic discipleship.

Another 'new' aspect of the New Evangelization is who is called to do it - everyone! Most people think of priests and nuns and missionaries doing the work of evangelization. The truth is, though, that when each of us is baptized we are called to share the Good News of Christ with all we encounter!

Lastly, Blessed John Paul insisted that the New Evangelization needed to be 'new in ardor, expressions, and methods.' He encouraged us to have enthusiasm, joy, and use the great gifts of our time to share the Gospel of Christ with modern men and women!

Pope Francis has spoken of Christians being 'missionary disciples'. At the Cathedral Parish we want to always be cultivating a community of 'missionary disciples' - people who come to know, love, and follow Jesus in the midst of His Church and invite others to come and do the same!

Please visit this page to discover great resources about growing in discipleship and living out the New Evangelization! Right now we are highlighting the 'Forming Intentional Disciples' small groups - check out the rest of the page for more details!

The Four Signs:  Prayer, Study, Generosity, Evangelization

Four Signs

This book is aimed at helping Catholics grow in four key practices of authentic discipleship:  Prayer, Study, Generosity, and Evangelization.  

You can purchase the book at, or at By The Cross Catholic Bookstore.