First Saturdays Devotion
To The Immaculate Heart of Mary


At the Cathedral Parish, First Saturday Devotions are held each First Saturday of the month in conjunction with the 8:00 a.m. Mass at Holy Redeemer.  The Rosary is prayed prior to Mass, followed by the Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary (the Litany of Loreto).  Following Mass, the Mother of Perpetual Help Devotions are prayed and breakfast is often served in the church hall.


Our Blessed Mother first requested the practice of First Saturday Devotions through apparitions as Our Lady of Fatima.  Through the Act of Reparation to the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary, First Saturday Devotions are intended to console the Immaculate Heart of Mary for sins against her.


The Devotions require a Sacramental Confession, attendance at Mass and receipt of Holy Communion in a state of grace, the recitation of the Rosary, and a meditation on the Mysteries of the Rosary with the intent to make reparations.  The practice of First Saturday Devotions on five consecutive First Saturdays obtains the assistance of our Blessed Mother in receiving the graces necessary for salvation at the hour of our death.


The Five First Saturdays are intended to make reparations for the five sins against the Immaculate Heart of Mary:

  1. Attacks upon her Immaculate Conception.
  2. Attacks against her Perpetual Virginity.
  3. Attacks upon her Divine Maternity and the refusal to accept her as the Mother of all mankind.
  4. For those who try to publicly implant in the hearts of children indifference, contempt, and hatred of our Immaculate Mother.
  5. For those who insult her directly in her sacred images.

Here is an Act of Reparation you can pray anytime:

O Most Holy Virgin, and Our Mother, we listen with grief to the complaints of your Immaculate Heart surrounded with the thorns placed therein at every moment by the blasphemies and ingratitude of ungrateful humanity. We are moved by the ardent desire of loving you as Our Mother and of promising a true devotion to Your Immaculate Heart.

We therefore kneel before You to manifest the sorrow we feel for the grievances that people cause You, and to atone by our prayers and sacrifices for the offenses with which they return your love. Obtain for them and for us the pardon of so many sins. Hasten the conversion of sinners that they may love Jesus Christ and cease to offend the Lord, already so much offended. Turn you eyes of mercy toward us, that we may love God with all our heart on earth and enjoy Him forever in Heaven.