‘Everything in our life, today as in the time of Jesus, begins with an encounter.  An encounter with this Man, the carpenter from Nazareth, a man like all men and at the same time different.’  -

Pope Francis


If you are interested in becoming Catholic, curious about Catholicism, or a Catholic adult who has not received First Communion and/or Confirmation, you are encouraged to check out the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA).  RCIA is also a great place for Catholics who have been away from the Church for a while to come ask questions and begin to reconnect with the Church.  Lastly, RCIA is a great place for any Catholic to be renewed in their faith.  Any and all adults are invited to participate in the RCIA sessions - come join us!

The first eight weeks of our RCIA sessions will be prime opportunities for people to encounter the Person of Jesus and how He corresponds to our deepest desires for happiness.  Through people sharing their own experiences of living an encounter with Jesus, meditations on different encounters between Jesus and others in the Gospels, video presentations, and lively discussions, we all will be invited to encounter the Lord Jesus more deeply in our own lives.  

Check out the video below about the different kinds of happiness we try to seek and how Jesus might correspond to that search for happiness!

After the first two months of ‘Encountering Jesus’ sessions, we will spend the rest of the year unpacking the ‘Big Picture’ of the Catholic Faith - contemplating how all the beliefs, prayers, practices, etc. that are part of Catholicism fit together into one organic whole and lead us to deeper union with Jesus Christ.  Check out ‘The Main Event’ page to learn more about those sessions!