Welcome to Cathedral Parish's Religious Education Program!

Pope Francis continues to encourage all the faithful to create encounters with Christ through the New Evangelization. He reminds us that the gift of faith comes with great promise yet also with great responsibility. Embracing the mission of the Church, we seek to evangelize and catechize the children and youth in our religious education and sacramental preparation programs.

Instructing our youth in the faith is an important goal, but before the seed of faith can take root, the soil must be prepared. Our kids must first encounter Christ in their hearts and desire to walk with him. Throughout our religious education program, we put great importance on prayer and personal conversation with God. By means of prayer, hearts are softened and minds illuminated, and one can better see the person he was created to be. At such a point, the soil is rich and ready for sowing.

Children, ages 3-6, are invited to participate in Catecheis of the Good Shepherd (CGS), a Montessori-based curriculum through which children meet and come to know Jesus as their Good Shepherd, He who knows them and calls them by name, takes care of them and protects them. It can be described as a sort of Lectio Divina for children--through their works, the children contemplate Scripture and the Divine Liturgy, which allow them to enter into relationship God.

Children in grades 1 - 6 follow Vivos en Cristo, a diocesan approved bilingual text, which ensures the diocesan catechetical standards are met. Through Decision Point, a series by Dynamic Catholic, youth in grade 7 experience the opportunity to encounter Jesus on a more intimate level and thereby grow in their relationship with Him. This program speaks strongly to each youth regarding the purpose from which he was created, and how by living a life of faith his life, family, community and the world will be transformed. The youth in this grade also have the opportunity to learn more about their dignity and that of others through exploring Theology of the Body for Teens (Middle School). As mentioned earlier, along with the facts of the faith much effort is placed on prayer, whether it be learning prayers or alotting time for prayer in class. Lastly, children and youth in all grades partake in Kerygma 4 Kids, a program specifically aimed at fostering a personal relationship of discipleship with the Risen Lord. 

We encourage all parents to follow along with their child as he explores the richness of Catholicism and sets out on his personal journey with Christ. As you review class material with your child, invite him to prayer and to open his heart to God.

All classes are held at the parish's Religious Education Center (30 South Franklin Street) from 9:00 am to 10:30 am on Sunday mornings. Classes begin on Catechetical Sunday (the third week of September) and end on the first Sunday in May. 

Registration forms and other pertinent information is available online through the links in the left column. Please contact Amber Cerrato for more information:  amber@isthmuscatholic.org or 608-257-5000 x12.

God bless you and be with you and your family!


St. Robert Bellarmine
Patron of Catechists & Catechumens
Pray For Us