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Theology on Tap - 'Being a Steward of Our Life in the Midst of the Modernized World We Live In'


These days our technologically modernized society bombards us with various distractions and temptations that can mislead or at least re-direct us away from the path that the good God has destined us for.  This presentation is meant to provide a candid discussion on the real-world struggles that many young adults face and ways we can return to a deeper walk with with the Lord Jesus in the context of our roles and relationships of our lives.


Speaker Bio:
Justin has credentialing in Sexual Addiction Prevention, Internet, Social Media and Video Game Addictions, as well as a facilitator of the “Parenting the Love and Logic Way” curriculum. Justin’s areas of specialty include marriage and family therapy, proactive parenting and working with youth and teens of all ages to prevent unnecessary dependency or addictions on the “plugged in” world we live in.
He is from Green Bay, WI, is married and is a father of three. He gratefully offers himself as a devoted Catholic, trying to live out God’s calling to him as a father, husband, family member, and contributor to his local church community.

What is Theology on Tap?

Theology on Tap is a monthly event, generally the fourth Thursday of the month, where 20s&30s are invited to join us for free beer and engaging talks by some of the leading thinkers, speakers, educators, innovators, and activists in the nation as they share their insights on various contemporary issues facing young adults today.

Contact: Marc Laudonio