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Encounter Culture: What Dwells Inside...


Where is your home? Where do you dwell, and who dwells within you? Are you a tourist or a pilgrim? Is there room in your heart? 

We can use many words to describe the world in which we live. Immense, small, welcoming, cold, beautiful, marred… Perspective is everything! Where is the true beauty found in a place that is at once for God and made by God’s hand, and also fallen and made by man, for man’s interests? The answer dwells within us.

Christ is among us--He dwells among us! And, we are temples of His love and light. The spaces we dwell in either exemplify our true nature (in God), or they exaggerate our egos and greediness. Buildings and spaces can change us--change our feeling, passions, and postures. Awareness of this can help us to navigate our world in search for His face--rather than in submission to society.

Join us for an eye opening Encounter Culture on Saturday, August 15th at 2pm in the St Patrick Church hall where we will reflect on an essay by Anthony Esolen (a comparison of the Chartres Cathedral and the Sears Tower) and take a walk in downtown Madison to various buildings to reflect upon space and architecture. We will head back to St Patrick’s for a discussion and Mass followed by an optional dinner.  Curious about Encounter Culture or want to participate from home? Check out the Encounter Culture page on the parish website! 

Contact: Marc Laudonio