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Encounter Culture: What Are You Waiting For?


When is the last time you stopped? Stopped for a second and looked, breathed, prayed, or waited? Do you wake up every morning with anticipation for the way Christ will come to you? What does it mean to wait?

Life is busy, and we fill it up pretty quickly. We run here and there--doing, doing, doing. We lose our sense of curiosity and anticipation in the foggy midst of our own projects and mindsets. Without these things, we can very easily ignore and turn our backs on His gaze. Christ comes to us in our virtues--the space we leave for Him to appear to us. He comes to us in our hunger and zeal for Him and also in our quiet patience for when He will come to us again. How do we open ourselves to this beautiful waiting?

Join us for Encounter Culture, as we end our first year on an Advent note of waiting and anticipation. We will watch the German film, Run Lola Run, and discuss the importance of openness and waiting. I look forward to seeing you on Saturday, November 28th at 6pm, in the St Patrick church hall--for good wine, good art, and good discussion! Questions about Encounter Culture--or want to participate from home? Contact Morgan at or visit the Encounter Culture page on the Cathedral website.

Contact: Marc Laudonio