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Encounter Culture: Surprise!


Surprises. They happen to all of us. How do you handle them? Do you fall apart in tears when all of your plans fall through? Or, do you embrace change as a gift? An opportunity to grow? Is there room in your plans for wonder and awe--for surprise?

Christ wants to surprise us. He wants to give us more than we ever imagined--more than we could possibly dream up and plan. He comes to us every day--in the most mundane of moments--to surprise us with His love and beauty. The best surprises are those that go against our plans the most--those that provoke us. Those surprises that force us to question the meaning in everything we are doing. This is how we change!

Join us for Encounter Culture on Saturday, June 20th at 6pm in the St Patrick Church hall--where we will be exploring the theme of surprise by watching the film What About Bob? You are invited for wine, food, and great discussions. Curious about Encounter Culture or want to participate from home? Check out the Encounter Culture page on the parish website! 

Contact: Marc Laudonio