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Encounter Culture: Whatever Makes You Happy??


The human experience...  Is it always happy? Is it always pretty and neat? Is it always easy?

How can we find beauty and meaning in that which is sad, gritty, and… well, real? The Mystery comes to us through the reality of our life--suffering, monotony, worry, love, and joy. He enters into all of our experiences.  In the third session of Encounter Culture, we will reflect upon our sometimes disordered desire for happiness and blindness to what is truly beautiful. We will do this by exploring four “not-so-feel-good” songs that will help us to dive into what it really means to be human.  Join us for good wine, good music, and good discussion!

Did you miss the first two sessions of Encounter Culture? No worries! You can catch up! Everything you need to do Encounter Culture is posted on the parish website Encounter Culture page!  Check out the 'Encounter Culture' page or contact Morgan at with any questions.

Contact: Marc Laudonio