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Encounter Culture: What is Truth?


We can spend our entire lives searching for meaning--searching for the truth. Even when we find our true meaning in Christ, He invites us to continually ask: “What is the Truth?” Every day becomes a starting again--an awakening to our true nature and to who we will become in Him.

Are you open to this? Are you constantly seeking His face in awe, wonder, and curiosity? What about during times of trial and suffering? Do you allow the truth to pierce even that? Who will you become in Him?

Join us for Encounter Culture on Saturday, October 17th at 6:00pm in the St. Patrick church hall, where we will explore these questions by discussing an episode of the classic TV show, Bewitched, called Speak the Truth--and then learning the truth about Darrin (Dick York) and his shockingly transformative life story by reflecting on an excerpt from his artful memoir. I hope to see you there for a night of good wine, good friends, and good discussion! Questions about Encounter Culture--or want to participate from home? Contact Morgan at or visit the Encounter Culture page on the Cathedral website.

Contact: Marc Laudonio