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Memoirs of Venerable Fr. Mazzuchelli - Small Group

Displaying SamuelMazuchelli Bocc.jpgAll are welcome to discuss the fascinating Memoirs of Venerable Fr Samuel Mazzuchelli, a great Dominican missionary priest in our lands in pioneer times. This February 23rd will be the 150th anniversary of Fr Mazzuchelli's death, so it is a wonderful time to have a study in honor of him and is also a great follow up to the parish pilgrimage we took related sites in Southwestern Wisconsin. In this study, we will focus on what we can learn from Fr. Mazzuchelli and how we can apply it in the New Evangelization.

We will meet in the Holy Redeemer Church library for eight consecutive Wednesdays, beginning January 22, at 6:30 pm-8pm.

The book is $6 (free if in need); there will be ~40 pages of reading per week, though please let there be no anxiety about coming to meetings anyway if you didn't finish.

Contact Elizabeth Durack.