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Encounter Culture: Meeting the Other


Have you ever met someone who was different? (And, I don’t mean this in the sense that he or she had green hair or tattoos all over their body!) I mean, have you met a person who lived in a way that was different than the rest? A person who had something in their manner and eyes that you wanted to stay with? Have you ever encountered someone who changed the way you looked at life?

When some of the disciples met Christ, they asked Him, “Where are you staying?” After we meet a presence--one that is different--we have the instinct to follow it. We can have these encounters every day--and these encounters will change us. The problem is awareness. Are we aware of who we are meeting?

Join us for Encounter Culture on Saturday, September 12th at 6pm, in the St. Patrick church hall where we will observe one man’s quest for meaning and freedom--and ultimate change through encounter--in the French film The Pickpocket.  I hope to see you there for a beautiful film, great discussion, and good wine! Questions about Encounter Culture--or want to participate from home? Contact Morgan at or visit the Encounter Culture page on the Cathedral website.

Contact: Marc Laudonio