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Encountering Jesus

‘Everything in our life, today as in the time of Jesus, begins with an encounter.  An encounter with this Man, the carpenter from Nazareth, a man like all men and at the same time different.’  -

Pope Francis


If you or someone you know is interested in becoming Catholic, curious about Catholicism, or is a Catholic who has not received Eucharist and/or Confirmation, you are encouraged to check out the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA).

The first eight weeks of our RCIA sessions will be prime opportunities for inquiring people to encounter Jesus.  Each session will feature a different encounter between Jesus and another person from the Gospels, along with a meditation on that encounter, a cultural or artistic element that helps us appreciate the encounter, and finally, a personal reflection from one of the group leaders on how they live out their own encounter with Jesus.  

After the first two months of ‘Encountering Jesus’ sessions, we will spend the rest of the year unpacking the ‘Big Picture’ of the Catholic Faith - contemplating how all the beliefs, prayers, practices, etc. that are part of Catholicism fit together into one organic whole and lead us to deeper union with Jesus Christ.  Check out ‘The Main Event’ page to learn more about those sessions!

Contact: Marc Laudonio