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Marriage Enrichment: Destination Marriage


Destination Marriage is a speaker series for married couples looking for food, fun, and formation.  The series offers insights into married life based on the personal experiences of presenting couples in light of Catholic tradition as well as providing an opportunity for couples to be together in a relaxed atmosphere and informal setting. There is no fee to attend; however, registration is necessary in order to plan for babysitting, food, and drinks.

Four Saturday Nights · 6:00 - 8:00 pm

October 19th, November 16th

January 18th, February 15th

St. Patrick Church

 Babysitting is available FREE and ON SITE. To register please visit  For any questions please contact Marc Laudonio at 257-5000 or

Session One: “Marriage Myths Busted” 

“Are we the only couple who argue about these things?” The series begins with a presentation on the myths of “good marriages”, popular misconceptions about arguing, and the tensions in married life surrounding faith, finances and intimacy. Come and learn practical approaches to deepening your marriage through real communicaton.

Session Two: “Avoiding Polygamy”

Married to your work? To your Facebook pages? Married to a shopping list? Married to the tv? Married to your children? Learn why it is so hard to just stay married to each other and discover how to grow in intimacy together.

Session Three: “Raising Catholic Kids”

Who knew that raising children was going to be so much work? Who knew that keeping them interested in the faith was going to be even more work? Listen to one couple share their approach about how to keep faith alive in the home.

Session Four: “You’re Only Together For Life”

Do you think people will be married in Heaven? And what can spouses do to help get each other there in the meantime? Listen to a priest speak about why a good marriage matters in this life . . . and in the next.

Contact: Marc Laudonio