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Encounter Culture: Invitation to Transformation


Are you striving to be perfect? What is the real meaning of perfection? How do we get there?

The journey to perfection is something that we are all called to participate in. The problem is, we usually follow our own way--our own idea of perfection. Our projects and problems become distractions on the path of transformation, and we get stuck. How can we let go of this and become open to transformation? Join us for our next session of 'Encounter Culture', where we will observe one man’s journey to perfection in the film On the Waterfront.  You are invited for reflection, discussion, and good company!

Have you been wanting to come to Encounter Culture, but unable to make it? No problem! Everything you need to catch up at home is online!  Check out the 'Encounter Culture' page or contact Morgan at with any questions.

Contact: Marc Laudonio