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Theology on Tap - "Why Christianity? A Catholic Looks at Hinduism"


Speaker Bio:

Rakhi McCormick is a Catholic convert from Hinduism. She worked in young adult and campus ministry for several years within the Archdiocese of Detroit before leaving in 2011. During this time, Rakhi served on the Board of the National Catholic Young Adult Ministry Association and has consulted with the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops through her involvement there. She is passionate about helping others uncover their deepest identity as the beloved of God and discover the love and freedom Christ has for waiting them. Rakhi now resides in the Metro Detroit area with her husband and two small children, where she works part-time for a Catholic maternity home. When not at work or tending to her family, you can find her on social media, dabbling in art, and writing about her faith, Jesus, motherhood, and whatever strikes her fancy in her corner of cyberspace. You can follow her at


What is Theology on Tap?

Theology on Tap is a monthly event, generally the fourth Thursday of the month, where 20s&30s are invited to join us for free beer and engaging talks by some of the leading thinkers, speakers, educators, innovators, and activists in the nation as they share their insights on various contemporary issues facing young adults today.

Contact: Marc Laudonio