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Theology on Tap - “What Is Truth?: Finding What's Real in an Age of Relativism"

Poster_TOT_Sam_Guzman.jpgThursday, May 22th

What is true? What is really real? These are life-changing questions, and yet, if you ask ten different people, you will get ten different answers. But the truth can be known, and you can come to know it. Find out how at the next Theology on Tap!


Speaker: Sam Guzman (aka The Catholic Gentleman)
Author of The Catholic Gentleman blog, Communications Director for Pro-Life Wisconsin, Husband and Father

Sam Guzman is the Communications Director for Pro-Life Wisconsin and the author behind the popular community for men, The Catholic Gentleman. He is a writer, and his work has been published in such outlets as The Christian Science Monitor, Catholic Exchange, Aleteia, Truth and Charity Forum, and a number of faith based blogs. He lives in the Milwaukee area with his beautiful wife and two young boys. 


What is Theology on Tap?

Theology on Tap is a monthly event, generally the fourth Thursday of the month, where 20s&30s are invited to join us for free beer and engaging talks by some of the leading thinkers, speakers, educators, innovators, and activists in the nation as they share their insights on various contemporary issues facing young adults today.

Contact: Nicole Garcia