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'Conversion' Small Group - Afternoon Edition

dvcfc1.jpgWhat makes one's life successful? Money? Power? Popularity? Happiness? Most philosophies of the well-lived life are based on having something. But the Christian perspective is that it is better to be something. The goal of the Christian life is to grow in loving relationship to Christ, becoming more like him through the immersion of our entire selves in His Church, the Body of Christ. But our transformation in Christ will not occur until we recognize Him as our ultimate concern. 

Wednesdays, February 11th - March 25th
Afternoon Study:  1:00 - 2:30 PM
Evening Study:  6:30 - 8:00 PM
St. Patrick Parish Hall

The Conversion small group study showcases six stories of conversion from the Gospels, including people like Matthew the tax collector, the rich young man Jesus calls to follow Him, and the woman Jesus meets at the well.  Participating in this study will help you see how six ordinary people, just like you, were met by Jesus where they were and called to a better life through Him - and how Christ wants to give you that better life as well!
This study features a workbook which costs $13 and can be paid for and picked up at the first study. Please don't let the cost prevent you from joining the study, scholarships are available if necessary. Registration is due by Wednesday, February 4th. Please contact Marc Laudonio at 257-5000 or to register or with questions.
Contact: Marc Laudonio