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Theology on Tap


What is a Christian’s role in politics, if any? Are we all called to a life of civic virtue and action in the public square? What are the unique misconceptions and pressures facing Catholics who sense a calling to civic engagement? Aristotle, Aquinas, and 20th century philosophers have their take on civic leadership and the conquest of greatness—of leaving a mark on the world. Learn about the characteristics of magnanimous men and women who became great by becoming “experts in humanity” and intentionally practicing the civic virtues. Learn also about the great vice opposed to magnanimity, acedia, which is the narcissistic temptation to reject your call to greatness and to make the least life; to quit the battle and become a cowardly, uninspired, and ultimately nihilistic spectator of controversy as it unfolds.


Marcella Burke began the young adult ministry at the Cathedral Parish in Madison in 2006 and is currently an energy attorney at Akin Gump LLP in Houston. She was named the 2017 Houston Outstanding Lawyer of the Year by the Houston Young Lawyer’s Association. She clerked for Justice Don Willett of the Texas Supreme Court and was a John Marshall Fellow at the Claremont Institute for Constitutional Jurisprudence, and a James Wilson Fellow on Natural Rights and the American Founding. Marcella is involved with national and state-wide campaigns and elections and has been a deputy finance director of the largest political party in Texas. She is currently a co-chair of a PAC that engages young professionals in national campaigns and elections. She serves the Vatican on the board of the Pontifical Council of Culture and the New Evangelization, and she is a past member of the USCCB National Advisory Committee. As a law student, Marcella was Editor of both the Harvard Journal of Law and Public Policy and the Houston Law Review.


What is Theology on Tap?

Theology on Tap is a monthly event, generally the fourth Thursday of the month, where 20s&30s are invited to join us for free beer and engaging talks by some of the leading thinkers, speakers, educators, innovators, and activists in the nation as they share their insights on various contemporary issues facing young adults today.

Contact: Marc Laudonio