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Encounter Culture


What is 'Encounter Culture'?

Have you ever heard a piece of music and been awakened? Have you ever seen a painting and been inspired? Have you ever read a poem and found that you understood something about yourself for the first time?

The problem:

Our lives are full of distractions. Very rarely do we realize the beauty around us—or in us. We are lost in our busyness and loudness of the day. We forget that the presence of Christ—in all His beauty—is all around us. 

The solution:

To be truly alive, we must be aware. We must be able to look at things with fascination and curiosity—seeking the face of Christ. We are called by Christ to be fully alive in Him! By observing culture in a present and mindful way, we can begin to be awakened to this curiosity. By meeting with others, we can mature in our awareness.

What is culture?

Culture (the expression of humanity) draws us out of ourselves and our distractions, and into a new way to look at reality and our faith. Culture can take the form of many things: art, literature, music, film, nature, etc—anything that can be considered in its beauty. Looking at culture in the proper way, can change us, and bring us closer to the presence of Christ.

Why do we look at culture?

A piece of art can ask you questions about yourself, and your relationship with God—how do you see Him? This doesn't mean that you have to like something. You don't need to like something to have it provoke you, or challenge you, or make you grow. 

Why do we meet as a group?

Culture is beauty and humanity. It can be quite beautiful to experience a piece of music by yourself—it can awaken you! However, what do you do after this awakening? Where do you go with it? We need others to share our experiences with. We need others to teach us by their experiences. In discussing culture together, we begin to recognize the presence of Christ in others and within ourselves.

The proposal:

Encounter Culture is not a class, lecture, or program. It is not a discussion of theology or politics.  If we are being true to ourselves, there are no right or wrong answers. Everyone with an open mind and heart is welcome.

We will meet once a month, on Saturday evenings, after the 5pm Mass.  Using a method of observation and discussion, we will be looking at all aspects of culture.

For more information please contact Morgan Smith at   

Contact: Marc Laudonio