Friends of the Cathedral Parish

FriendsOfCathedralParish.pngWho are the Friends of the Cathedral Parish?

Friends are an important and unique part of the Cathedral Parish because of our particular situation. Many people who belong to other parishes come here for Mass, confession or adoration. We have a limited number of longtime parishioners, with people continually moving in and out of the parish—often very much appreciating their time here.

Friends are those who are not (or who are no longer) registered parishioners here, but who appreciate and support the mission of the Cathedral Parish in downtown Madison.

A Friend of the Cathedral Parish might be:

  • someone coming here often for weekday Mass
  • someone appreciative of the many opportunities for the Sacrament of Penance offered each week
  • a regular visitor to our Perpetual Adoration chapel
  • an occasional or frequent participant in our Sunday liturgies
  • a former parishioner of the Cathedral Parish, or of one of the historic parishes merged to form it
  • a regular participant in Theology on Tap
  • someone who was married or received into the Church here

Become a Friend of the Cathedral Parish

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As a Friend of the Cathedral Parish you:

  • Are involved in the parish community while belonging to another parish
  • Share in the evangelization efforts of the Cathedral Parish in downtown Madison
  • Receive a yearly report regarding the parish’s financial needs and how you can contribute
  • Remain connected and informed regarding life and activities at the Cathedral Parish
  • Have Mass offered monthly for the special intentions of the Friends of the parish
  • Support the various events and activities that occur at Cathedral Parish

Why should I sign up to be a Friend of the Cathedral Parish?

We want to know who our Friends are! And we would like to keep you informed about the life of the parish and invite your participation and support.

Is a certain level of involvement required to be a Friend?

While no level of financial involvement is required to be a Friend, the Cathedral Parish community is dependent on its Friends for their prayer, involvement, and financial support.