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Theology on Tap


Remember the Holy Spirit? You know, the third Person of the Holy Trinity? It has often been said that the Holy Spirit is the forgotten Person of the Godhead. At this midsummer Theology on Tap, seminarian Mark Foley (originally from Ireland!) will share how we can grow in deeper intimacy with the Holy Spirit and how developing that closeness reveals the true face of Christ and leads us deeper into the heart of the Father, where we find our deepest joy. He will also share about the spiritual gifts the Holy Spirt enables us to live and how these gifts help equip us for the New Evangelization (what's the New Evangelization you say? well, come to the talk then)!


Mark Foley is a seminarian for the Diocese of Madison. He holds a B.A. in Religious studies from Cardinal Stritch University in Milwaukee and recently completed pre-theology in St. Paul’s Seminary School of Divinity in St. Paul Minnesota. This fall, he will be attending St. Francis de Sales Seminary in Milwaukee to begin his studies in Theology.

What is Theology on Tap?

Theology on Tap is a monthly event, generally the fourth Thursday of the month, where 20s&30s are invited to join us for free beer and engaging talks by some of the leading thinkers, speakers, educators, innovators, and activists in the nation as they share their insights on various contemporary issues facing young adults today.

Contact: Marc Laudonio