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by Msgr. Kevin Holmes
on Sunday 6/10/2018

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by Msgr. Kevin Holmes
on Thursday 8/28/2014

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Welcome to Media Archive of the Cathedral Parish. Many Catholic talks and events in downtown Madison are being recorded and put on this website. You can browse and search recent talks below, or subscribe to future recordings via RSS or Podcast.

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Sunday 6/10/2018
Audio Freedom from the Fall by Msgr. Kevin Holmes
Msgr. Holmes contrasts the life and message of Adam in the Old Testament and Paul in the New Testament, bringing to life the battle between good and evil in the world tho...
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Sunday 2/18/2018
Audio A Lenten Wake-Up Call by Bishop Robert Morlino
Bishop Morlino reflects on the sadness from the recent school shooting, encouraging us to "wake up" to the work of the devil and pure evil in the world.
Categories Homilies
Friday 4/14/2017
Audio To Suffer with Love by Fr. Eric Nielsen
Fr. Eric Nielsen explains how the suffering that we experience in life should be viewed as a gift coming from a loving Father. He encourages us to not look at why we are ...
Categories Homilies
Sunday 4/9/2017
Audio A Silent Holy Week by Bishop Robert Morlino
Bishop Morlino reflects on the Christmas Hymn, "Silent Night," contrasting it with the violence and hatred of the Lord's passion. He encourages us to return to silence th...
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Sunday 9/18/2016
Audio Lies of Convenience by Bishop Robert Morlino
Bishop Morlino exhorts us to overcome the lies of our current culture and to seek holiness with enthusiasm and zealousness.
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Sunday 9/11/2016
Audio Hopeful Conversion by Msgr. Kevin Holmes
Msgr. Holmes draws on the example of the conversion of St. Paul to inspire hope in the wake of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, and shares a story of Bishop Wirz that "God doe...
Categories Homilies
Friday 3/25/2016
Audio True Mercy Serves Justice by Msgr. Kevin Holmes
Msgr. Holmes reflects on Mercy this Good Friday. The death of Jesus on the cross certainly showed mercy for us. But where was the mercy for Jesus? Real mercy vindicates j...
Categories Homilies
Sunday 2/14/2016
Audio Temptations against Natural Law by Bishop Robert Morlino
Bishop Morlino reflects on the life of Justice Scalia and exhorts us to fight the temptations against the natural law in our society today.
Categories Homilies
Friday 4/3/2015
Audio The Mercy of God by Msgr. Kevin Holmes
On Good Friday, Msgr. Holmes discusses the Mercy of God. Beyond the mercy of alleviating temporal suffering due to sin (which Jesus did provide through His miracles), thr...
Categories Homilies
Sunday 9/7/2014
Audio Fraternal Correction by Bishop Robert Morlino
Bishop Morlino talks about how to correct with love.
Categories Homilies
Thursday 8/28/2014
Audio The Problem of Evil by Msgr. Kevin Holmes
Why is there so much suffering in the world? Hear from Msgr. Holmes, of the Cathedral Parish, on the topic of suffering and evil, and how to reconcile this reality with t...
Categories Theology on Tap
Sunday 3/9/2014
Audio Obedience to God by Bishop Robert Morlino
Bishop Morlino talks about the consequences of disobedience to God. We must be like Jesus, who obeyed God, and saved the world by His death and resurrection.
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Sunday 2/16/2014
Audio On Conscience by Bishop Robert Morlino
Bishop Morlino reminds us that the conscience is a truth-seeking radar which locks onto the law of the Lord. Conscience calls an individual to what is greater, to what is...
Categories Homilies
Thursday 1/16/2014
Audio Who Is the Human Person? by Ron Garcia
Ron Garcia, Director of Religious Education at St. Patrick's in Cotage Grove, talks about theology and how we can become holy.
Categories Cathedral 20s & 30s
Sunday 5/26/2013
Audio The Limitations of Gaudium et Spes by Msgr. Kevin Holmes
In his Year of Faith homily series on the documents of Vatican II, Msgr. Holmes concludes his discussion of Gaudium et Spes - the Pastoral Constitution on the Church in...
Categories Homilies
Sunday 2/17/2013
Audio Introduction to the Parish Mission by Fr. Bob Lombardo
Fr. Bob Lombardo, who will lead the Parish Mission, introduces himself and encourages attendance at the mission.
Categories Homilies
Sunday 2/17/2013
Audio The Rite of Election by Bishop Robert Morlino
Bishop Morlino speaks to Catechumens and Candidates at the 2013 Rite of Election. He tells them that by entering the Catholic Church, they are about to embark on the shi...
Categories Homilies, Diocesan
Tuesday 12/25/2012
Audio No Room for Them at the Inn by Bishop Robert Morlino
Bishop Morlino's homily at the Christmas Midnight Mass draws from the Gospel account of the birth of Jesus. In the nativity scene, Mary, Joseph, and Jesus are in a cave ...
Categories Homilies
Sunday 8/12/2012
Audio Catholic Conscience & Social Justice by Bishop Robert Morlino
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Friday 4/6/2012
Audio Good Friday by Msgr. Kevin Holmes
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