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on Sunday 12/1/2019

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Welcome to Media Archive of the Cathedral Parish. Many Catholic talks and events in downtown Madison are being recorded and put on this website. You can browse and search recent talks below, or subscribe to future recordings via RSS or Podcast.

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Sunday 12/1/2019
Audio The Light is Coming by Msgr. Kevin Holmes
On the first Sunday of Advent, Msgr. Holmes points out how Jesus, our Light, is coming. We prepare to welcome Him soon by "cast off the works of darkness and putting on t...
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Saturday 3/31/2018
Audio Darkness of Reason and Indecision by Bishop Robert Morlino
During the Easter Vigil, Bishop Morlino warns of the danger of self-sufficiency and feeling worthy in this life. He encourages all to fight against indecisiveness, to tak...
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Sunday 3/11/2018
Audio Transforming Light by Msgr. Kevin Holmes
From the beautiful passage in John 3:16, we must not look at that as God is perfectly pleased with the world, but to be the Savior of the world. This Light is not imposed...
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Sunday 3/26/2017
Audio Stepping into the Light by Msgr. Kevin Holmes
Msgr. Holmes connects the themes from the Gospel and Plato's the Allegory of the Cave to discourage us from being distracted by the shadows of the world, and instead to s...
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Sunday 3/12/2017
Audio Pure Spiritual Sight by Bishop Robert Morlino
Bishop Morlino encourages us to use the Transfiguration as the focus of our life and to use the Son to light our path through each day.
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Sunday 2/5/2017
Audio World Day of Consecrated Life by Msgr. Kevin Holmes
Reflecting on the World Day of Consecrated Life, Msgr. Holmes points out that even if we ourselves may not be a consecrated religious, we are all called to be the Light ...
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Sunday 1/22/2017
Audio The Light of the Gospel by Msgr. Kevin Holmes
Msgr. Holmes unfolds the politics in the Holy Land during biblical times, encouraging us that the darkness and gloom that may be present in our lives should not make us d...
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Sunday 11/29/2015
Audio The Roaring Sea by Bishop Robert Morlino
Bishop Morlino talks about how the stormy sea is an image for the confusion and disorder of humanity that leads to turmoil and war. But he reminds us that Advent is the s...
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Sunday 3/30/2014
Audio Night Is Coming by Bishop Robert Morlino
Bishop Morlino draws a parallel between the blind man who was thrown out of the synagogue by the pharisees and American culture which rejects the Law of Reason in regard ...
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Sunday 2/9/2014
Audio Salt and Light by Bishop Robert Morlino
Bishop Morlino encourages the laity in their mission to be light and salt for others.
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Sunday 1/26/2014
Audio The Lord's Public Life by Msgr. Kevin Holmes
Msgr. Holmes talks about the public life of the Lord, and the geography of the Holy Land where Jesus traveled and taught.
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Sunday 1/19/2014
Audio An Invitation to Serve by Msgr. Kevin Holmes
Msgr. Holmes invites Jen Zmirski, Vice President of the Cathedral Parish conference of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul Society, to speak about the conference's work in...
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Sunday 1/5/2014
Audio Feast of the Epiphany by Msgr. Kevin Holmes
Msgr. Holmes reminds us that, like the star which led the pagan Magi to the newborn Christ-child, we must be a light pointing to Jesus in today's culture which too easil...
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Wednesday 12/25/2013
Audio Christmas Midnight Mass by Bishop Robert Morlino
Bishop Morlino reflects on St. John's description of the nativity of Jesus. Christ is the Word that was from the beginning, and the Light shining in the great darkness.
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Thursday 8/15/2013
Audio Feast of the Assumption by Msgr. Kevin Holmes
Msgr. Holmes offers a short reflection about how Mary brought grace, conversion, and life to the people of Mexico when she appeared there in 1531 as Our Lady of Guadalupe...
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Saturday 3/23/2013
Audio Lumen Gentium: Nature and Mission of the Church by Msgr. Kevin Holmes
The second of four lectures from the Seat of Wisdom Institute on the Constitutions of the Second Vatican Council, this presentation features an in-depth analysis of Lumen...
Categories Diocesan
Sunday 2/17/2013
Audio The Rite of Election by Bishop Robert Morlino
Bishop Morlino speaks to Catechumens and Candidates at the 2013 Rite of Election. He tells them that by entering the Catholic Church, they are about to embark on the shi...
Categories Homilies, Diocesan
Sunday 1/20/2013
Audio Nature and Mission of the Church by Msgr. Kevin Holmes
Resuming hisYear of Faith homily series on the documents of the Second Vatican Council, Msgr. Holmes turns his attention to Lumen Gentium, the Council's Dogmatic Constit...
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Tuesday 12/25/2012
Audio No Room for Them at the Inn by Bishop Robert Morlino
Bishop Morlino's homily at the Christmas Midnight Mass draws from the Gospel account of the birth of Jesus. In the nativity scene, Mary, Joseph, and Jesus are in a cave ...
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Sunday 12/9/2012
Audio Look to the East by Bishop Robert Morlino
Bishop Morlino reflects on the experience of waiting for Christ. Advent is a time for waiting, to look to the East by turning toward the Lord in the liturgy.
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