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by Bishop Donald Hying
on Thursday 10/24/2019

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Welcome to Media Archive of the Cathedral Parish. Many Catholic talks and events in downtown Madison are being recorded and put on this website. You can browse and search recent talks below, or subscribe to future recordings via RSS or Podcast.

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Thursday 10/24/2019
Audio Being Catholic in a Post-Modern World by Bishop Donald Hying
Listen to this special Theology on Tap where Bishop Hying shared some thoughts on what it means to be a Catholic in today's world. Using personal stories, scripture, and ...
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Thursday 9/19/2019
Audio Love in Action in the 414 by Sam Vosters
Serving and loving can really feel good! But what does it truly mean to love and serve others? For as Fyodor Dostoevsky says, 'love in action is a harsh and dreadful thi...
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Thursday 8/22/2019
Audio The Power of Story: Harry Potter and the Brink Lounge Millennials by Fr. Garrett Kau
Fr. Garrett Kau delves into the Christian content of the 7 book series, which many still condemn as dangerous. Discover if the magical world of Harry Potter is in fact a ...
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Thursday 7/25/2019
Audio Rediscovering Jesus: how intimacy with the Holy Spirit brings Scripture to life by Mark Foley
Remember the Holy Spirit? You know, the third Person of the Holy Trinity? It has often been said that the Holy Spirit is the forgotten Person of the Godhead. At this mids...
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Thursday 6/27/2019
Audio Large and Startling Figures: The Evangelization of Flannery O'Connor by Katie Behrens
Flannery O’Connor is extolled as one of the great Catholic writers of the modern era. But to wander into her stories or novels unawares is to find yourself in a strange...
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Thursday 5/23/2019
Audio The Theology of Bicycling by Alex Bedinghaus
Alex Bedinghaus is a normal guy pursuing holiness and a life lived to the full. He enjoys riding bicycles and motorcycles and is a sucker for a good chocolate chip cookie...
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Thursday 4/25/2019
Audio Eyes to See: Our Shared Visual Culture by Dr. Lawan Glasscock
You’ll never see it the same way. Images shape our life in various ways. Mental images are a part of our selves, material images a basis of our memories and our relatio...
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Thursday 3/28/2019
Audio A Love Triangle: Your Supreme Calling Revealed by Kendra McClelland
Believe it or not, Theology of the Body is about more than marriage and sex! St. John Paul II unlocks the key to discover your true identity and your supreme calling. Ken...
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Thursday 2/21/2019
Audio Surviving Scandal: Grief and Hope by None
We love the Church, but it can be difficult to profess allegiance to an institution so mired in crimes of abuse and cover-ups. Why do I stay, or why do I want to walk awa...
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Thursday 1/31/2019
Audio The Gospel of Instagram by Levi Rash
Twitter, Instagram, Facebook - Social Media has become the primary medium for "connection" in our society today. It serves as a platform for both good and evil. Join Levi...
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Thursday 12/6/2018
Audio A Visual Pilgrimage through the Holy Land by Msgr. Kevin Holmes, Fr. Scott Jablonski
Bethlehem. A little over 2,000 years ago.  The God who created the stars and mountains and waterfalls decided to enter our world as a vulnerable, helpless baby.  Christ...
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Thursday 10/25/2018
Audio Full Communion, Consecration, and Cancer - How God Has Wooed Me by Karen Paschke
Late one evening in 2009 Karen Paschke e-mailed Msgr. Holmes asking how one could return to God after a long absence. Over the next nine years God has drawn her into a de...
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Thursday 9/27/2018
Audio Cheesehead Catholicism by Colter Sikora
From Friday fish fries to sightings of the Virgin Mary, Wisconsin is host to over 350 years of quirky Catholic culture and history. Tune in and hear about the unique char...
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Thursday 6/28/2018
Audio Unashamed - Love and Truth for the Whole Person by Anna Carter
Explaining the Church’s teaching on same-sex desires in today’s world isn’t easy. Hesitation. Embarrassment…Shame. Living the Church’s teaching on same sex desi...
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Thursday 5/24/2018
Audio From Preacher's Son to Catholic Priest by Fr. Mark Miller
Fr. Mark Miller will share the story that lead him from a Lutheran church in a tiny Wisconsin farm town to the city of Rome and back. He'll cover his conversion, making h...
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Thursday 3/22/2018
Audio Hello? God is calling. How do I answer? by Fr. Greg Ihm
How do I know if I’m following the Lord’s plan for my life?  Jesus Christ was sent to make known and present the good news of the Kingdom of God and He has invited u...
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Thursday 2/22/2018
Audio Holiness for the Everyman by Andy Luksik
Holiness is about growing closer to God in all parts of our lives. This involves our mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual parts. Jesus was the perfect example of ho...
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Thursday 1/25/2018
Audio From Fear to Hope: Working to Build a Culture of Life by CJ Grahn
In our world today we are bombarded with challenges that pressure us to live our lives "of the world" and contrary to how God intended. Our world seems to operate out of ...
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Thursday 12/7/2017
Audio Star Wars, Jedi Knights, and an Ancient Christian Monastery by Philip Kosloski
With the release of the latest Star Wars films, the ancient monastery atop Skellig Michael has enchanted the world with its beautiful vistas. It is an island with deep re...
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Thursday 9/28/2017
Audio The Church in Africa by Fr. Tafadzwa Kushamba
Did you know that three of the first popes were from Africa? Or that the Church is growing faster in Africa than anywhere else in the world? Or that the Catholic Church h...
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