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by Msgr. Kevin Holmes
on Sunday 10/14/2018

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by Fr. David Carrano
on Thursday 2/24/2011

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Welcome to Media Archive of the Cathedral Parish. Many Catholic talks and events in downtown Madison are being recorded and put on this website. You can browse and search recent talks below, or subscribe to future recordings via RSS or Podcast.

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Sunday 10/14/2018
Audio Living Poverty in the World by Msgr. Kevin Holmes
Msgr. Holmes explains the Evangelical Counsels that all under religious vows follow in their daily lives. Yet, even the laity are encouraged to have a spirit of detachmen...
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Sunday 9/30/2018
Audio A Great Millstone by Msgr. Kevin Holmes
Msgr. Holmes interprets the Gospel passage "Whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him if a great millstone were put a...
Categories Homilies
Sunday 7/1/2018
Audio Our Benevolent God by Msgr. Kevin Holmes
Msgr. Holmes sheds light on the difference between counterfeit and authentic love, especially when related to death. Are we tempted to consider euthansia as a more 'merci...
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Sunday 2/5/2017
Audio World Day of Consecrated Life by Msgr. Kevin Holmes
Reflecting on the World Day of Consecrated Life, Msgr. Holmes points out that even if we ourselves may not be a consecrated religious, we are all called to be the Light ...
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Friday 6/27/2014
Audio Diocesan Presbyteral Ordinations by Bishop Robert Morlino
Bishop Morlino shares words of wisdom with Deacons Scott Jablonski and Jim Leeser at their presbyteral ordinations. He reminds them that true freedom comes from practice ...
Categories Homilies, Diocesan
Wednesday 5/1/2013
Audio Lust vs. Chastity by Fr. John Sasse
Fr. John Sasse presents an engaging talk on Lust vs. Chastity in the Spirit & Truth series, "Live Free or Die in Vice."
Categories Spirit & Truth
Saturday 3/23/2013
Audio Lumen Gentium: Called to Holiness by Msgr. Kevin Holmes
The second of four lectures from the Seat of Wisdom Institute on the Constitutions of the Second Vatican Council, this presentation features an in-depth analysis of Lu...
Categories Diocesan
Sunday 9/2/2012
Audio Holiness is the Sum of the Virtues by Msgr. Kevin Holmes
Msgr. Holmes reflects on the difference between piety and holiness. Piety is a virtue; holiness is the sum of all virtues, the true imitation of Christ.
Categories Homilies
Sunday 12/11/2011
Audio Gaudete Sunday by Bishop Robert Morlino
No description......
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Sunday 7/31/2011
Audio Virtue and Holiness in Married Life by Msgr. Kevin Holmes
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Thursday 2/24/2011
Audio The Paradox of Human Love by Fr. David Carrano
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Thursday 3/25/2010
Audio Divine Mercy by Fr. Rick Heilman
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Tuesday 1/12/2010
Audio The Holy Catholic Church by Msgr. Kevin Holmes
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Thursday 11/20/2008
Audio Msgr. Kevin Holmes on WPR by Msgr. Kevin Holmes
Msgr. Kevin Holmes, rector of the Cathedral Parish in downtown Madison, joins Wisconsin Public Radio's Joy Cardin for a discussion of the recent election of Barack Obama,...
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