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by Msgr. Kevin Holmes
on Sunday 10/13/2019

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by Jeff Hoeben
on Thursday 3/31/2016

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Welcome to Media Archive of the Cathedral Parish. Many Catholic talks and events in downtown Madison are being recorded and put on this website. You can browse and search recent talks below, or subscribe to future recordings via RSS or Podcast.

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Sunday 10/13/2019
Audio Gratitude Makes for a Happy Life by Msgr. Kevin Holmes
Comparing the cases of leprosy recounted in the first reading and in the Gospel, Msgr. Holmes explains how the sacred authors saw a link between leprosy and our fallen hu...
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Sunday 8/11/2019
Audio Faith: The Realization of What Is Hoped For by Msgr. Kevin Holmes
Based on the words of St. Paul in the letter to the Hebrews, Msgr. Holmes reflects on what it means to have faith. It is the "realization of what is hoped for, the eviden...
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Sunday 9/16/2018
Audio Who do you say that I am? by Msgr. Kevin Holmes
Msgr. Holmes contrasts Mark's and Matthew's versions of the Gospel reading about Peter's profession of faith in Jesus. Our faith in Jesus is rooted in our understanding o...
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Sunday 5/13/2018
Audio Feast of the Ascension by Msgr. Kevin Holmes
On the feast of the Ascension, Msgr. Holmes reflects on how sin is actually a lack of freedom. Addictions, lying, resenting others.. these are all examples of how sin act...
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Sunday 3/25/2018
Audio Defenseless before God by Bishop Robert Morlino
Bishop Morlino reflects on how, unlike Peter and Pilate, Jesus did not defend himself before God. He did not play to the crowds. Being defenseless teaches us obedience to...
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Sunday 9/10/2017
Audio Fraternal Correction by Msgr. Kevin Holmes
Msgr. Holmes uses the readings to explain fraternal correction - the practice of confronting someone with love. He then invites regular visitors to consider joining and s...
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Sunday 8/27/2017
Audio Infallibility and Humility by Msgr. Kevin Holmes
Continuing on last week's theme of humility, Msgr. Holmes talks about being intellectually humble. In the epistle, St. Paul says Oh, the depth of the riches and wisdom a...
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Sunday 8/20/2017
Audio Faith and Humility by Msgr. Kevin Holmes
Msgr. Holmes points out the humility of the Canaanite woman who asked Jesus to heal her child. In today's culture, with all the resources we have, it may seem we are less...
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Sunday 6/4/2017
Audio The Feast of Pentecost by Bishop Robert Morlino
On the feast of Pentecost, Bishop Morlino speaks to a group of young men and women about to be confirmed. The Holy Spirit gives us the strength to not only survive the to...
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Sunday 4/30/2017
Audio Breaking of the Bread by Msgr. Kevin Holmes
Msgr. Holmes explains how the gospel story of the disciples walking to Emmaus is an inspiration for us in recognizing the Lord in the breaking of the bread. He also offer...
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Sunday 4/16/2017
Audio Christian Hope by Msgr. Kevin Holmes
Monsignor Holmes shares how the most important moment in world happens unwitnessed at the first light of day - the Resurrection. And because of this moment, our hope must...
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Sunday 3/5/2017
Audio Supernatural Faith by Msgr. Kevin Holmes
"Do I believe that through the obedience to the Lord Jesus, the world has been changed?" Msgr. Holmes asks us to reflect on our own faith in light of this question - is o...
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Sunday 12/18/2016
Audio Faith is Obedience by Bishop Robert Morlino
Bishop Morlino uses the Gospel reading to point out how St. Joseph and Mary were both obedient to the Holy Spirit - they had the obedience of faith. God is with us (Emman...
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Sunday 10/2/2016
Audio The Vision Will Not Disappoint by Msgr. Kevin Holmes
Respect Life Sunday and the first reading encourages us to persist in prayer and faith that the vision of life and peace on earth will come in God's time. In the Gospel, ...
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Sunday 6/5/2016
Audio Life in Christ by Msgr. Kevin Holmes
Using recent studies on life expectancies in the United States, Msgr. Holmes exhorts us to stay close to Christ - not just to live a longer life - but to have life in ete...
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Thursday 3/31/2016
Audio The Opportunity of Suffering: Being Open To God's Will by Jeff Hoeben
We must all carry our crosses, sometimes they seem large, and others seem small. Within each struggle, there is an opportunity for growth and knowledge. There is opportun...
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Thursday 1/28/2016
Audio Are Catholics Allowed to Think? by Msgr. Kevin Holmes
Msgr. Holmes discusses the Intellectual Tradition of the Catholic Faith. Is the Catholic Church based on blind obedience, or are Catholics allowed to think? Does religion...
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Sunday 10/25/2015
Audio "Have pity on me" by Msgr. Kevin Holmes
Reflecting on the story of Bartimaeus calling out to Jesus Christ, Msgr. Holmes explains how Christ waits for us to call out to Him with our deepest needs, rather than Ch...
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Thursday 4/23/2015
Audio Can a 21st Century Person Really Believe in the Resurrection of Jesus? by Marc Laudonio
The claim that Jesus of Nazareth died and rose again is at the very center of the Christian faith. In our own time, however, many have called into question whether or not...
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Sunday 2/8/2015
Audio Apart from God, we can do nothing by Bishop Robert Morlino
Drawing from the story of Job, Bishop Morlino reminds us that we should be grateful to God for His blessings, instead of whining about what we don't have. Apart from God,...
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